MT4/MT5 White Label Cost


If you are looking for low cost MT4/MT5 Forex Broker Solutions provider, we could be your best choice. Our MT5 White Label Solutions Cost & MT4 White Label Solutions Cost are very reasonable and affordable.

We do understand that opening and running a Forex Brokerage Firm is a capital intensive venture and this is why we offer MT4/MT5 White Label Solutions at most competitive cost considering the packages and additional tools that we offer with our forex white label solutions’ packages.

We have 3 different packages for MT4/MT5 White Label Solutions that are bundled with different tools that Forex Brokers need to operate a full scale Forex Brokerage Firm. Our Forex White Label packages include MT4/MT5 Manager, Website, Traders Room or CRM, MAMM, PAMM, Payment Gateway, Trade Copier, IB Module, Affiliate Module, Social Trading Platform, Plugins like Virtual Dealer, Bridge etc.

Forex White Label Solutions PLATINUM GOLD SILVER
Set Up Fee $7500 $0 / Setup $6700 $0 / Setup $6000 $0 / Setup
Monthly Charges $5999/ Month $4999/ Month $3999/ Month
MT4/MT5 White Label
Traders Room / CRM
Website Designing & Hosting
Payment Gateway
Live Chat Application/Software Integration
IB & Affiliate
Virtual Dealer Plugin
Plugin Box
Trade Copier
PAMM Software
MAMM Software
CRM Mobile App
Mobile Manager

Delivery of you preferred MT4/MT5 White Label Solution
In this section we explain you step wise process to our MT4/MT5 White Label Solution and delivery of the same along with timeline:



Picking right MT4/MT5 White Label Solution

You choose the best MT4/MT5 White Label Solution from our 3 Packages mentioned above. These packages have been designed after extensive research and subsequent discussions with our Forex Broker clients. These forex white label solutions fit best into most of the aspiring forex brokers. But we are open discuss your requirement and customize the MT4/MT5 White Label Package that suits your business requirement. We intend to win with our clients.

Timeline: Please take your time. No rush, no hard sell!



Online Live Demo & Queries Addressal

It’s advisable you get Online Live Demo of our Traders Room / CRM which is going to be at the core of all your Forex Brokerage Business Operations. We can give you Online Live Demo via Skype or any other preferred online chat and screen share application. During the demo, we walk you through different functions of Traders Room / CRM so that you can see for yourself how your business operations as going to be handled easily. We will give you demo of MAMM, PAMM, Trade Copier software as well depending on the package you choose. You are requested to clarify all the queries and perceived issues. We will be glad to answer all of them. Take your time and make fully informed decision. We won’t push you or hard sell you, that’s a PROMISE!

Timeline: Please take your time. No rush, no hard sell!



Payment for MT4/MT5 White Label

Please make the payment as per the cost of MT4/MT5 White Label package chosen by you; setup fee along with first month’s charges. We are open to receive payment by Bank Wire, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin etc. whatever mode suits you. Please note that Monthly Charges need to be paid advance on or before 20th of preceding month.

Timeline: Advisable to process the payment as soon as possible to start the process of appropriate forex white label package delivery on time.



KYC with MetaQuotes

Everyone who intends to subscribe MT4/MT5 White Label solution must get the KYC done with MetaQuotes as get its license. We too need to do KYC as you would be availing our forex brokerage tools and software. Here is an indicative list of docs that you need to produce

Incorporation Certificate that consists
  • Business Name
  • Registration/License No
  • Registered Address
  • Allowed Business Activity
  • Contact Person Name etc.

Passport Copy (both front & back) of Key Person

Contact Details

  • Contact Person Name
  • Official Email ID
  • Phone No
  • Mobile No
  • Office Address

Additional documents may also be asked from you which you need to share in stipulated time. Grant of License is subject to KYC clearance.

Timeline: Advisable to share requisite documents as soon as possible to start the process of appropriate forex white label package delivery on time.



Forex Website Designing & Hosting

As soon as the payment is made, we will share multiple options of website templates with you. Please choose the one you like and let us know.

We book the domain for your website. You can suggest any .com, .net, .info domain and let us know. We will book it for your website and host it on the same domain.

  • In case you have already booked a domain, we can host your forex brokerage website on it too if you share the access details with us.
  • In case you want to host it on your own hosting service provider, we can do that too. You may share the required access with us and we will host it there.

Website design, domain booking and hosting are all included in all MT4/MT5 White Label packages.

Timeline: 2-5 days depending on how quick and precise your response and feedbacks are.



Integration of MT4/MT5 Manager, Trades Room & other Tools

Once the website is hosted, we will integrate Traders Room / CRM, Payment Gateway, IB & Affiliate Module, Live Chat Application etc. as per your Forex White Label package subscription. We set up standard Groups with Securities like Forex, CFDs, etc. with your MT4/MT5 Manager which you can customize on your own.

Timeline: 2-4 days! We try our best to make it faster so as you are good to go live as soon as possible.



Training & Hand Holding

Even if most of our forex broker clients are seasoned professional and their staff are well versed with MT4/MT5 Trading Platforms, they at times needs handholding especially with the MT4/MT5 Manager & Traders Room. We provide online Training & Hand Holding as and when required. Many brokers who have been using MT4 Platforms are apprehensive about MT5 Trading Terminal & Manager. We do understand the change is always resisted but we need to understand change is inevitable.

We provide online training in managing MT5 Trading Terminal & Manager so as to ensure smooth transition for both forex brokers and their clients.



Technical Support

We provide 24*5 Technical Support related to MT4/MT5 White Label solution along with the forex brokerage tools like Traders Room, CRM, PAMM, MAMM etc.

Timeline: 24*5

Hope our MT4/MT5 White Label Packages, their cost, delivery schedule and timelines are clear to you. Please feel free to contact us for any queries or clarification. We will be glad to help you.