Forex Trader Room / CRM


Traders Room is the CRM that brings together different people and functions associated with a Forex Brokerage business.

Everything right from traders, broker, feeds, technology, tools, payments, IB & Affiliates, support, reports and analytics etc. are bound together in Traders Room. We have developed the Traders Room after getting feedback from several brokers and traders. Our Traders Room is highly feature rich to cater to different requirements.


  • Own Branding is the best feature. You can have your own branded Traders Room
  • You can get the Traders Room customized to your requirements. You can choose how to sign up traders and how to proceed payment and trading step by step.
  • Pick and choose the Payment Gateway or module that best suits you and your clients
  • We can plug-in your MT4 & MT5 modules directly with the Traders Room
  • IB and Affiliate system module lets you manage the partners
  • Concerned about the security from hacking, you can choose to have 2FA: two-factor authentication (SMS/Google Authenticator)
Forex Trader Room / CRM


Admin Module of our Traders Room is the jinni of lamp that does magical things for you. It has numerous features to ensure smooth customer onboarding, payment management, transactions, communication modules, user access authorization, reports, support etc.

  • Customer Onboarding with the help of Sign-Up Form. You can do advanced level of KYC too by asking to upload ID, etc. which goes to one module and admin can check them one by one and approve/reject.
  • You can authorize users certain accesses based on your own rules and guidelines.
  • You can set up your own Payment Systems. What modes you want to receive payments in and how to accept deposits and send withdrawals.
  • You can choose how to provide support and communicate with your users/clients. Can set up email templates and triggers on which these mails will be sent.
  • Customer Account Management including deposits, withdrawals, transactions, profile, authorization etc.
  • You can configuring IB and Affiliate program and set the benchmarks for rewards, actual rewards, frequency etc.


Starting up a Forex Brokerage business is one thing and scaling it up is another. When you start up Forex Brokerage, traders in your network join you and it does give a head start. But to scale overtime. While you can always go for advertisement on, Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter etc. but the leverage that an Affiliate or IB partner program brings is immense. You can concentrate on day to day operations of business whereas your affiliates promote your Forex Brokerage and keep adding new clients. Our IB Module enables you to run Affiliate Program smoothly.

  • Referral banners, placards, links repository
  • Set the rewards and slabs based in no of clients introduced, volume traded, lots traded etc.
  • Multilevel Affiliate Management
  • Separate account for Affiliates to check all the details of themselves
  • Periodic calculation of earnings and dispersal of payment to linked accounts
  • Reports and analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of referral banners and links etc.

Integration With Leading Trading Platforms

We integrate most popular and leading platforms with the Traders Room for you to easily manage the trading aspects of Forex Brokerage Business. Your clients or traders could access the trading platforms directly from the Traders Room. Here is the list of Leading TRADING PLATFORMS that we integrate

  • MT4
  • MT5
  • CTrader
  • Amibroker

We help you to open demo and real accounts as well.

Setting Up The Trading Platform

Our Traders Room helps you to set up the trading platform right from the group of securities you want to allow traders to trade in, currency pairs, spread, leverage, commissions, brokerages, liquidity, etc.

  • Set up the currency pairs and other securities
  • Freedom to set the LEVERAGE differently for different group of traders
  • Freedom to set the SPREAD differently for different group of traders
  • Charge commission, brokerage, swap etc.

Integration With Major Payment Systems

Receiving payment and sending withdrawals is like life blood to a Forex Brokerage business. It must be smooth and seamless. The biggest challenge in payments for forex trading is the limited access to payment modes especially your clients are scattered around geography. Traders from different countries have access to different payment modes thus it’s of utmost importance to have wide range of Payment Gateways and options. Here is the list for your convenience:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Card Payments (both Debit & Credit Cards)
  • Cosmo Wallet

Web Security

We security is the biggest concern for all Forex Brokers and Traders. Almost entire Forex Trading Industry is running on technology only and so is prune to cyber-attacks, hacking, phishing etc. We have several provisions to thwart these attempts:

  • 2FA - Two factor authentication to ensure only authorized person gets access to the trading account
  • Third party tools for protection against DDos and other network attacks
  • Multi-level transaction confirmation via emails, SMS, push notification etc
  • Advanced Encryption to safeguard sensitive data
  • 24/7 technical support

Customer Support

Every customer oriented business needs to have a robust customer support system in place and Forex Brokerage business is no exception. Forex is a 24x7 market and thus a round the clock customer support is must. We integrate several tools with your Traders Room and Website that lets your customer contact you for ant support, help and compliant.

  • Integration of chat with account
  • Customer Support Ticket System to register and track progress on issue resolution with Telegram, one of the most popular messaging app used by traders worldwide.
  • Detailed Reporting & Analytic tools to get insights on what’s working in favor for us and what’s not to further improve.

Community Engagement Tools

When you run a Forex Brokerage, you need to have several community engagement tools to make the most of your network. We have developed several advanced tools that let you not only engage different groups of traders/clients but generate revenue from them. Some of these tools are:

  • PAMM
  • MAMM
  • TradeCopier
  • Signals Hub
  • Social Trading etc.
What Our Clients Say About Us
  • Trading is now on profitable base!!!
    By Kulbir Singh, 16:22 PM

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  • Trading is now on profitable base!!!
    By Kulbir Singh, 16:22 PM

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet its news text Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet its news text Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet its news text .

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